Sunday, August 7, 2011

Steps To Keep You Mobile At Home

There are many things we can begin to do starting today that can help aid us in preventing falls in the home. An elderly fall can lead to a number of serious injuries including death. These injuries can be prevented in some cases with the proper amount of precaution and preventive steps taken.

Let us now look into some ideas you can start implementing today to make your living space safer. If you take the time to invest in some preventive measures you could very well reduce the chance of falls in your home. The first thing we plan to go over is clearing a pathway to the places that you frequently need to visit. These places are most commonly the bathroom or to the kitchen refrigerator to get food. Objects on the floor can easily cause tripping so it is important to remove these. Power cords can also cause many falls in peoples homes and no doubt many injuries from falls were the cause of cords in potentially dangerous places. Covering a power cord with carpet can work but if a large mound is the result of covering it with carpet then you should probably go another rout. The best way to remove the problem is to relocate the cords that could potentially cause a problem. There are accessories available that can help organize power cords that can be bought at your local hardware or department store.

Next let us look into keeping your bathroom setup safer. A large number of the falls that occur each year happen in the bathroom area, Precautions that you may want to consider taking is possibly installing grab bars or some kind of support rail in your bathroom. This will greatly improve stability because there will be something users can grab and hold onto should they need it. Consider also having them installed in your bathtub for even more support in the bathroom. Make sure you buy a set of bars that are rust free. Stainless steel construction can be found in many grab bars if you put in the time to find them. Check to make sure the product you intend to buy can support your weight. Maximum weight restrictions can be typically found on the box if your an actual store. If you are shopping online many websites will list weight limitations in the product description area. If you are unable to find them in the description then do be sure to contact the business prior to placing an order. You certainly do not want to buy grab bars that may not support you especially if you are a heavy set individual. Do not worry however if you have an overweight patient or love one to care for as there are products that can be found that are meant for heavier individuals.

When it comes to fall prevention safety your checklist should include anything you think that could cause a fall. Even floor rugs in the bathroom that are not snugly in place could cause a fall by slipping out from on it. Consider whether or not grab bars in your bathroom could be beneficial to yourself or someone you love.